When we first opened Five Good Things way back in 2018, we started out with just 16 seats. Our old premises were located nearby on Beechgrove Terrace. Since then, mainly down to your continued support, Five Good Things has grown to become a café with over 60 seats! Since then we’ve been on a mission to provide the best place to go for coffee and food here in Drogheda. But more importantly, we wanted to create a place people want to spend time in, hanging out with friends and family, enjoying their favorite coffee, or catching up over brunch. 

Food and coffee is hugely important to us here at Five Good Things, so you can be sure that if something appears on our menu, we have spent a long time stressing over the minute details until our recipe is beyond perfect! We’ve even written an entire webpage dedicated to our beloved coffee! 

So in order to take you through some of the options currently available on our breakfast & brunch menu here at Five Good Things, we thought it would be a good idea to go into a little more detail. . .

The Breakfast Bap

No breakfast menu is complete without one of our all-time favorites, the breakfast bap. Our take on this breakfast staple features locally sourced sausages from Tuites Butchers, seriously smoky bacon, topped off with caramelized onion, brie, and our homemade relish.

Breakfast Bap
Our Signature Breakfast Bap

Mac Muffin Sandwich 

An all-time breakfast classic, done Five Good Things style! Our version is built upon a soft breakfast muffin, a succulent sausage patty, smoked streaky bacon, American-style cheese, a dollop of tomato ketchup, and of course, who could ever forget, a perfect soft fried egg. Tempted? 


Who doesn’t love pancakes? Here at Five Good Things, we serve up American-style pancakes. So think thick fluffy, cloud-like pancakes. But we’re all about choice and expression here at Five Good Things, so how do we take em’ one step further? Well, we love adding either Nutella & fruit or maple syrup and crispy bacon to our pancakes. But that’s just us. . . isn’t it?

Avocado On Toast 

Another breakfast and brunch classic. In recent years this recipe has reached almost mythical status and popularity. So much so that an online search for ‘when did avocado toast become a thing’ returns over 23 million results! Anyway, we digress. Our version of this breakfast and brunch classic is made toasted McCloskeys bloomer bread rocket, a perfectly poached egg, our signature tomato salsa, soft & creamy feta cheese, spiced yoghurt, and of course, smashed avocado!

So, why not stop by and say hello! Our café is located on 36 St Laurence Street, Drogheda. We can’t wait to welcome you. Our full menu is also available to order through Uber Eats and for pre-order through Q-Kangaroo