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Brunch plans anyone?

Why does Drogheda love brunch?

The food and coffee scene in Drogheda has never been healthier and here at Five Good Things, we’re delighted to be a part of it. However, one thing we share with the rest of the country is our love of combining two already perfect meals, namely breakfast and lunch, in order to form what we all know as ‘brunch’. Having said that, we know that the people of Drogheda love a good brunch just as much as anyone! So, as a celebration of all things coffee, food and brunch related, we’ve put together a few reasons as to why we think everyone loves brunch just as much as we do.

Many of us may see brunch as a relatively new phenomenon, however this is not the case. In fact, the word ‘brunch’ itself can be traced back well over 100 years. Following this, the phrase first gained widespread popularity in the United States in the 1930’s. Fast forward to today and brunch has arguably become the popular meal of all, especially amongst the younger generations.

But why do we all love it so much? Aside from the fact that many of our all time favorite recipes are all time brunch classics, such as pancakes or avocados on toast, brunch gives us the perfect time to catch up with our friends and loved ones. According to the Washington Post, it is this social element which contributes to the ever increasing popularity of brunch. A recent study has also found that the popularity of brunch spikes twice in the year, once at Mothers Day and once at Easter. This statistic is unsurprising given the fact that brunch is the perfect meal from a social point of view as it gives us the chance to relax and chat freely with friends or family, sharing news on what we’ve been getting up to. As well as this, despite what the name may suggest, brunch can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Well. . . almost any time of the day.

Another reason which contributes to the huge popularity of brunch is just how versatile it is. Let’s face it. It’s acceptable to order just about anything at brunch and from a foodie’s perspective, you couldn’t possibly ask for more! Savory, sweet, decadent, spicy, you name it and it’s more than likely available on our menu here at Five Good Things. This variety means everyone is catered for when it comes to brunch, giving us all the chance to relax and enjoy each others company over a delicious cup of coffee. Speaking of recipes, one we’re pretty proud of here at our cafĂ© is our ‘potato hash’. This dreamy concoction consists of crispy potato, delectable black pudding, red onion marmalade, garlic rocket, two perfectly poached eggs & some parmesan. Then, to top it all off, we add a touch of hot sauce & garlic aioli. Sounds good doesn’t it. . .

Our quest for the perfect brunch recipe has lead us down many different avenues. However, having been in business here in Drogheda since 2018, we’ve reached a point where we’re pretty happy with it. . . for now. So why not check out our menu using the link below to see what else we’ve been cooking up for brunch recently.