Pancakes / €10

American style fluffy pancakes served with crispy smoked bacon & maple OR Nutella and fresh fruit.

Avocado Toast / €12.5

Toasted McClouskeys bloomer, smashed avocado, garlic leaves, poached eggs, tomato salsa creamy feta & spiced yogurt.
Add chorizo OR black pudding / €2

Potato Hash / €13.5

Crispy potato, black pudding, red onion marmalade, garlic rocket, two soft poached eggs & parmesan. Topped with garlic aioli & hot sauce.

 mac muffin sandwich / €11

Breakfast muffin, sausage patty, American cheese, ketchup & a soft fried egg. Served with garlic home fries, chives and parmesan.


all served with a side of home fries
see qkangaroo app for other sandwiches

Caesar Wrap / €11.5

Chicken, baby gem lettuce, parmesan, smoked bacon, house caesar dressing. 

Ultimate ham & cheese toastie / €12

Dubliner mature chedder cheese, mozarella & parmesan, ham, pickles, wholegrain mustard & tomato relish. With a layer of Macaroni cheese & jalapenos. 

wed to sunday


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Bacon and parmesan home fries / €4.5

Mac 'n' cheese / €3.7

crispy garlic home fries / €3.5

sausage roll - bacon and siracha or red onion marmalade / €3