Our Coffee

our mission to achieve coffee perfection in Drogheda

Whether it’s to take away or sit in, we all need a little coffee in our lives. 

Our aim at Five Good Things is to become your go-to spot for coffee in Drogheda, that means that our little café takes coffee seriously. Very, very seriously. This means that every decision we make is made with the intention of serving you up the best possible coffee, every single time. Whether it’s a luxurious latte, a creamy cappuccino or a classic americano, the most important element for any coffee is undoubtedly the beans. So, finding the perfect supplier is one of the keys to delivering the coffee our customers deserve.  

The good news for our customers is that our love for quality coffee means we consistently strive for constant perfection when it comes to our coffee. As a result, where our coffee comes from is hugely important to us.

So, where exactly do we source our coffee? 

We are proud to source our coffee locally from Coffee Perfection, located in nearby Dunboyne. Their diverse blend of coffee beans provide an unbeatable coffee experience, and is among the best available anywhere. What makes their specialty blend so unique is the lengths they go to, striving for the coffee perfection after which they are named. Their coffee is so good in fact, that we also use it for our sister café Plate and Palette. 

Coffee in Drogheda
Chocolate dust on a cappuccino
Latte Drogheda
Mocha in Drogheda

It takes between 4 to 5 years for Coffee Perfections beans to ripen before harvesting. Following this, the beans are freshly roasted and delivered to us within two weeks. This means that by the time it reaches your cup, your coffee is just about as close to perfect as it is possible to get. 

Our goal to deliver the finest quality coffee is something we’re very proud of here at Five Good Things. So, why not take a peek at our menu and pay us a visit to see for yourself?